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Prenatal Yoga with Sasha Quince

Prenatal Yoga with Sasha Quince

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Pregnancy is a beautiful period in our lives full of change, excitement and possibility. We are creating life, its an amazing process and we are blessed to be  on this journey.

Prenatal yoga provides wonderful tools that can help you stay fit, feel great, and experience more ease in pregnancy and in delivery.

Sasha Quince Prenatal Yoga instructor will guide you whilst she is in her 8th month of pregnancy, through a warm up, work and cool down sections that address you need in a safe, comfortable, and suitable format for all trimester of your pregnancy. The programs is 45 minutes in duration, with a bonus 15 minutes partner pose section, all excerses in this DVD have been validatedthrough consultation with on OBGYN-  specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrician,Dr.Meltem Tank practicing in Abu Dhabi,UAE & by Dr. Ahmed Dassouki,Chiropractor certified in prenatal adjustments, practicing at Canadian Medical Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This program will  allow you to stay fit during pregnancy, build strenght, flexibility and balance. Relieves ache and pains; increase energy labels, circulation and coordination. The instruction and proper technique as well as breathing techniques improve focus and reduce tension, which can help ease labor and provide relaxation and inner peace during pregnancy.

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