YOKKAO Premium Hand Wraps Red

Yokkao Premium Hand Wraps - Red

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Product Code : HW-2-2

New pattern for better comfort and breathability

Designed to withstand hard conditions

Improved durability

High quality elastic cotton

4 meters / 2 inches width

Protect your hand and wrist against serious injury


It took much time to study how to improve our hand wraps, and countless hours in the gym to test them under the harshest training conditions, but we're finally ready to introduce the new YOKKAO Premium Muay Thai Hand Wraps!

A new pattern has been created for improved comfort during the fights, and the hand wraps are now more resistant to the hard training conditions.

We know how essential hand wraps are in order to avoid injuries, and that's why we settle for nothing but the best materials for the Muay Thai fighters worldwide.